Return Policy

1. Do you have an arrival arrangement? Would i be able to restore my item after it has contacted me? Indeed,’s Business Partners/Sellers have a straightforward merchandise exchange under which you can restore an item gotten by you in a harmed or inadequate condition from the Business Partner/Seller. If there should arise an occurrence of classes DTH Accessories the arrival strategy is likewise pertinent if the item crisscross. There is a 48 hours merchandise exchange, which implies that you can demand an arrival of the item inside 48 hours of getting the item. In addition, the item to be returned must arrive at our Business Partner’s/Sellers’ location inside a limit of 10 working days from the date of conveyance to you.’sBusiness Partner/Seller hold the privilege to look at whether the returned item is deficient as well as harmed. In the event that the returned item isn’t imperfect or harmed, the client will be educated about the equivalent and the item as got will be come back to the transportation address of the client. In the event that the returned item is qualified for a substitution,’s Business Partner/Seller will send the substitution to a similar transportation address of the client, subject to the accessibility of the load of the item. 2. Are there explicit conditions under which the item returns/substitutions might be rejected? Returns for substitution/discounts/trade under specific situations won’t be acknowledged as given underneath: I. Solicitation for return is made following 48 hours of getting the item by you ii. Item is utilized or isn’t in its unique condition. The item ought not be washed or pressed. iii. Items are returned without its unique bundling, complimentary gifts or adornments. iv. Item was harmed after use/opening. v. Coincidental harm because of failing of the item. vi. Items like All DTH New Connection, and so on don’t fit the bill for substitution, trades or discount (it would be ideal if you allude to pertinent FAQ in such manner for complete rundown). vii. Any consumable thing which has been utilized or introduced. viii. Item with altered or missing sequential number/IMEI number/UPC number. ix. Missing maker tag particularly if there should arise an occurrence of attire and footwear. x. Any harm/imperfection which isn’t secured under the maker’s guarantee. 3. How would I return the item? Whom would it be a good idea for me to contact in such a situation? It’s extremely straightforward; inside 48 hours of accepting an item, you can demand an arrival by means of telephone at our client care number’s For Support :7888613558 | 9988874024 | 9646772445 (10Am – 7Pm From anyplace in India) Then again, you can likewise present a ticket in ‘My Account’ segment of your enlisted record at If you don’t mind note that a substitution is dependent upon accessibility of stock with our Business Partner/Seller. On the off chance that a substitution can’t be made, we will start a full discount. 4. Do I have to restore the item in its unique box/bundling? Truly, it’s significant that the item is sent back in its unique bundling, unique maker labels, including the container, producer’s bundling assuming any, and every single other thing initially included with the product(s) conveyed (counting any free or complimentary things). 5. What is the goals offered in the event of profits? If there should be an occurrence of an arrival, potential arrangements are: • Replacement of the item with a comparable item (just if stocks are accessible with our Business Partner/Seller); • Exchange (just for Apparel and Footwear); or. • Refund of the cost of the item (barring the delivery charges). (View our Refund Policy for subtleties) 6. Would i be able to restore any item bought from Are there items that can’t be returned? Indeed. You can restore any item aside from DTH New Connection any free/complimentary things got alongside the principle request. 7. Is there a time allotment inside which I need to inform to restore the obtained item for an arrival/substitution? In the event that you wish to return or trade an item, you should imply BuyNewDTHConnection.comwithin 48 hours of getting the item. According to our profits arrangement, the class astute conditions for return/discount are as per the following: a. For DTH Accessories since items size jumble/issue. In any case, if any assembling imperfection or harm is accounted for to us following 48 hours of the item being gotten by you, we would require a DOA (dead on landing) authentication/substitution declaration from the particular Brand’s approved administration focus to start the substitution or discount process. Without the DOA declaration/substitution authentication we won’t have the option to process the substitution or discount. 8. Do I have to send the item or would it be able to be gathered from my location? has a smooth get office as a rule and in many urban communities. Be that as it may, there can be a couple of special cases to this contingent on the transportation address and the idea of the item. To know whether pickup is accessible from your transportation address or not, you can call our client care number For Support :7888613558 | 9988874024 | 9646772445 (10Am – 7Pm From anyplace in India) On the off chance that we can’t gather the returnable item from your location, you will be required to dispatch the item so similar arrives at our Business Partner/Seller inside a limit of 10 working days from the date of conveyance of the equivalent to you. If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that the item that is being returned is in unique and unused condition, total with the first sticker prices, marks, unique pressing and receipt. Substitutions are dependent upon accessibility of stock with our Business Partner/Seller. On the off chance that a substitution isn’t accessible, we will start a full discount. 9. Will I need to pay any charges for the profits? We don’t charge extra for returns and all substitutions/pickups by us are done free of expense. 10. Will you discount the messenger charges in the event that I send the item back to you at my expense? Indeed, totally! You don’t need to stress over the messenger charges by any stretch of the imagination. On the off chance that, you return the item by means of messenger, we encourage you to utilize a rumored dispatch organization which permits online transfer following. We would likewise order that you generally take the evidence of conveyance (POD) from the messenger organization for the item conveyed to our Business Partner/Seller as we could require this from you before preparing the discount or substitution of the item. We will repay the messenger cargo charges @ 10% of your request esteem (with at least Rs. 100) or a limit of Rs. 750, whichever is lower. The discount of messenger cargo charges, if appropriate, will be paid by a HomeShop18 Gift Coupon/Voucher of the proportionate worth. The messenger charges will be repaid simply after receipt of the item by our Business Partner/Seller. 11. In the event that, can’t gather the item that I wish to return, on which address do I have to messenger it? When you contact our client care focus by  telephone For Support :7888613558 | 9988874024 | 9646772445 (10Am – 7Pm From anyplace in India), to affirm whether the item can be gathered from your location or not, our client care official will advise you the location where you need to send the messenger, in the event that it can’t be gathered from your location by us.

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